Monday, December 04, 2006

Lake 'n' Fall

I and Amit, my friend decided to visit Nagarjuna Sagar on a sunday few weeks back. Due to previous night’s heavy dinner and late rising, we got delayed a lot to start for Nagarjuna Sagar. It is a reservoir formed by building a dam over river Krishna in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. The place is 160 km from Hyderabad on the state highway to Srisailam, Guntur, Nellore etc. It is the largest masonary dam in the world. Don’t ask me what does that mean :-) When we reached there, the road over the dam which is drivable was not open due to security. So, we crossed over the river on a bridge to the other side and reached the “developed” area of Nagarjuna sagar by AP tourism. The bridge is a great vantage point to see the dam and river Kirshna meandering away. The bridge itself is a great sculpture, resting on slender pillars quite above the water level. Imagine, standing on the bridge and then suddenly the gates of the dam let open to pass water. You’ll be blown away just by seeing that water gushing towards you. In the river bed down below close to the dam, one could see vestiges of old broken bridge. May be once a gate was opened a little too much :-) The “developed” area has boating launch center used to ferry people to an island of Nagarjuna konda where artifacts found during excavation from this site way back in 50-60’s are kept. Anyhow we missed that being criminally late. But as a solace, we floated on a coracle in the sagar for 15 minutes for Rs. 20 per head. The ride was adventurous because of its small size and round figure and wobbly nature when it passed over ripples caused by a passing boat. The coracle-man created a special effect by rotating the boat in good speed. We non-swimmers, scared from inside stopped the fellow immediately. He kept on muttering something about the places nearby but we couldn’t understand anything, language being the barrier. Later we went to Ethipothla falls which is further 10 kms from this site. There was sizable gathering there. The falls are around 150 feet deep with plenty of water and 2-3 streams falling over. This water then later meets 3km downstream with Krishna. There were some tribal folks performing their folk dance much to the indifference of crowd present there. They distinctly looked like nomads from Rajasthan and not A.P. but I had no intentions to confirm. As soon as sun set, the area around falls and fall itself was illuminated with fancy lights of various hues. It was magical and the lights kept on changing their colors. We sat there looking at waters which were looking more like illusion. Due to time constraint we had to leave early.

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