Monday, September 11, 2006

Guntakal & Gooty

On 9th September, 13 railfans from three cities landed in Guntakal and surrounding areas for railfanning. We all started on 8th evening from respective cities namely, Hyderabad, Pune & Bangalore and met in Guntakal in wee hours of 9th Spet. I along with other members from Hyderabad caught Kacheguda - Yeshwantpur (7603) from Kacheguda.

Guntakal station was awake even at this ungodly hour with trains coming and going. That is what happens at stations between two major cities, majority of trains arrive in the night and station is abuzz with action. While we waited for Pune gang to arrive, we got to see antics of a crazy platform-dwelling women who looked like perfoming some gesticulation on arrival and departure of trains.

Morning 7 AM we took Guntakal - Pakala MG train and went upto a place called Garladinne. The ride in SLR with early morning freshness and rocky terrain and such a large group was very very pleasing. Then we took a BG passenger from Hindupur - Guntakal and got down at Gooty. Gooty has a diesel shed which we visited after obtaining permission from Senior DME. Later we went to have lunch at "Ravi Teja" restaurant in Gooty town and took a bus back to Guntakal. Spent some time at FOB a bit away from the station. All 13 of us standing over FOB in a sleepy little railway town must be quite amusing for the passers-by. Anyways, in the evening we bid good byes to each other a caught trains to our respective destinations.